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The Seychelles

There is probably no better way to appreciate the diversity and natural beauty of the Seychelles than aboard your own vessel. With 115 islands, spread over 1.4 million square kilometres, there is far too much to explore but you can still experience the feeling of life on the ocean wave by hiring your own motorboat for a day.

Almost all islands of Seychelles have idyllic bay and white sandy pristine beaches surrounded by typical granite rocks that makes the specificity of Seychelles. Almost 50 % of Seychelles territories is protected in national marine parks, which allow to observe a lot of sea turtles, colourful fishes and endemic birds. Each island of Seychelles is unique and would deserve to be visited. A tour of Mahe, Praslin or La Digue is already a good start for you to discover the beauty of the Seychelles.

Because of the perfect range of temperature (between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius) the water is always perfect for swimming and snorkelling. At the same time, the beautiful white sands on the beaches are ideal for sun bathing or a nice walk.

Seychelles island sunset

Mahe Island

Mahe Island offers its visitors lots of opportunities for relaxation and adventure on land or in the ocean. The white sands of Beau Vallon and Anse Royale, along with many other beaches, invite visitors to enjoy the sun under endemic palm trees. Book with us either a half day snorkelling in the Ste-Anne or Baie Ternay marine park, either a full day cruising all around Mahe Island or a full day in the northern part of Mahe in order to discover the island from a new angle.

The Seychelles offers some great snorkelling opportunities, with Mahe having a lot of great snorkelling spots. The best ones are found in the National Marine Parks of Sainte-Anne or Baie Ternay. Swimming around Moyenne island in the Ste-Anne marine park or in the Baie Ternay provides the best snorkelling opportunities (fees of both marine parks are included in our prices). Outside of the parks, you can also find some other great snorkelling sites at Anse Major, Anse du Riz, or l’Ilot in the northern part of Mahe or Police Bay and Anse Soleil in the south.

Praslin and Surrounding Islands

Praslin is situated about 45 km to the northwest of Mahe and is the Seychelles second largest granitic island.

Praslin can be easily reached by boat from Mahe in about 1h15 of cruising. Praslin island and its surrounding offers its visitors a wide variety of activities. The crystal-clear waters surrounding Praslin are considered excellent for snorkelling. Heading away from the beach, why not join a guided walk through the Vallee de Mai, home to endemic flora but also to endemic birds such as the Black Parrot.

Anse Lazio

It is Praslin’s most famous beach and considered as one of the best in Seychelles and even in the world. It’s a dream come true: white sands, clear turquoise waters surrounded by palms and takamaka trees and typical granite rocks. The calm waters are perfect for swimming and you can enjoy some excellent snorkelling around the granite boulders at either end of the beach. You can find a couple of beach restaurants close by as well.
Anse Lazio Seychelles

Vallee de Mai

This renowned UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the main attractions of the island. It’s the home of the famous Coco de Mer palms which can reach almost 40 m and whose seeds are the largest of any plant in the world renowned for its famous “butt shape” (entrance fee of the Vallee de Mai not included in our prices and cost 350 SCR per person)
Vallee de Mai

Curieuse Island

On this island, you will be able to observe the famous Aldabra Giant Tortoises which, along with the Coco de Mer, is one of the Seychelles’ most iconic symbols. The island and the water surrounding it make up the Curieuse Marine National Park. There are walking trails throughout the island that will allow you to discover the Coco de Mer palm tree, mangroves, and endemic bird’s species (Park fee to visit Curieuse island is not included in our prices).
Vallee de Mai

Cousin Island

Cousin is situated just off Praslin’s southwest coast and is renowned for nesting birds, such as the Red Turtle Dove and the Seychelles Sunbird. You can also view colonies of Fairy Terns, Lesser Noodies, White Tail and other population of seabirds, geckos, giant tortoises and hawksbill turtles. Visiting Cousin island is the ideal nature-lovers’ excursion (Park fee to visit Cousin island is not included in our prices and costs 600 SCR per person).
Cousin island
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La Digue and surrounding Islands

Situated about 50 km from Mahe Island, La Digue, although only half the size of Praslin, offers its visitors stunning beaches, rare wildlife and turquoise water. La Digue can be easily reached by boat from Mahe in about 1h30 of cruising.

The main attraction of this island is the most famous Anse Source d’Argent beach which is said to be one of the most photographed beaches in the world (going to Union Estate and Anse Source d’Argent beach has an entrance fee of 150 SCR per person not included in our prices).

With only a few vehicles on the whole island, the best way of getting around is to hire a bicycle. Easy and flat roads will lead you almost all the way around the island, making this the ideal way to explore La Digue (renting a bicycle costs generally 150 SCR and is not included in our price).

While there are some good snorkelling sites on La Digue, for a truly breath-taking experience, we will head for the Coco island Marine National Park. It is located right next to Felicite Island, about 7 km north of La Digue. It’s probably one of the most spectacular snorkelling site in the area where you can enjoy swimming with Hawksbill turtles, Blue surgeonfish, Parrot fish, Emperor angelfish, small harmless white tip sharks and sting rays (tax fee of Coco Island Marine Park is included in our prices).

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