Discovery of Cousin and La Digue islands



1100 euros for 2 pax

+ 100 euros per extra person above 12 y.o.
+ 75 euros per extra person btw 6 and 12 y.o.

Timing: 8h30 to 17h30

Capacity: 6 pax maximum with calm sea conditions

4 pax maximum with moderate sea conditions


Spend nine hours on board our luxury sensation 26 deck boat. Embark with us for a full day visiting Cousin and La Digue islands. We will drop you off at Cousin island for a morning guided tour (not included in price). Cousin is situated just off Praslin’s southwest coast and is renowned for nesting birds.You can also view colonies of Fairy Terns, Lesser Noodies, White Tail, and other populations of seabirds, geckos, giant tortoises, and hawksbill turtles. Visiting Cousin island is the ideal nature-lovers’ excursion (Park fee to visit Cousin island is not included in our prices). Then, we will take you to La Digue around 12h30. You will have time to have lunch in a restaurant which we will have reserved seats for you (lunch not included in the price). After the meal, you will visit La Digue island on your own until 15h45. We will then head back to Mahe and arrive there around 17h30.

Included: 2 beers/pers, water and soft drinks. 

Excluded: Entrance fee of Cousin island (600 SCR/pers.). Lunch on la Digue, bicycle rental on la digue (normal (150 SCR/pers.), electric (400 SCR/pers.)) or club car rental with driver (2000 SCR/ 3 hours), Union estate entrance fee (115 SCR/pers.).

Provided: Towels and snorkelling equipment. On board toilet and fresh shower facilities.

Best time for this tour: October to May (only with calm to moderate sea conditions).

Additional package:

  • Guided snorkeling tour with a dive instructor: 50 euros
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